Jeffries, who co-sponsored the cigarette tax legislation in the state assembly this year, won his last election in November 2006 with slightly over 19,000 votes, garnering approximately 97 percent of the total vote. 

The average assembly district in New York has 127,000 voters.  How many of those 127,000 voters in District 57 smoke?  How many of those 19,000 votes in 2006 for Jeffries came from smokers?  And how many of those smokers have husbands, wives, and friends who are also disturbed by the current tax on cigarettes? 

It takes very little effort to go to the polls.  Nothing would rattle an assemblymember more than if his or her 97 percent vote in 2006 mysteriously dwindled to 70 percent or 60 percent (or even better, 50 or 40 percent) in the next election.   

Go to the “How to Unseat Your State Assemblyman or Senator” page to see what you can do to spread word about Jeffries’ hand in promoting cigarette tax legislation. 


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