Here is a simple and inexpensive way to spread the word about an assemblymember’s or senator’s responsibility for the cigarette tax increase:


1.  Go to, where you can create 250 business cards for free (shipping is not free, but what’s five dollars?).


2.  Instead of putting your name on the card, write, “Assemblymember/Senator So-and-So sponsored the cigarette tax increase.  Visit the web listing below to help protest this tax.”


3.  Include this blog’s address ( on the card.  Follow step four closely.


4.  Go to your local corner store and ask the owner or management to hand out one of the cards to each person purchasing a pack of cigarettes.



For example, your cards might declare the following:

Who helped sponsore the cigarette tax increase?

(Name of tax sponsor)

District __, New York State Assembly


Help make a difference and visit:


Don’t think it’ll make a difference?  Consider the math:  This started with 500 cards, ordered by one person.  If only 20 people (4 percent) among those first 500 receiving a card order 250 cards of their own, that’s 5,000 cards that suddenly hit the street; four percent of 5,000 creates 50,000 cards; four percent of 50,000 creates 500,000 cards.  Think about that:  500,000 cards proclaiming who not to vote for, and the cards will only continue to perpetuate themselves.  It is every politician’s worst nightmare. 




















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